SimPro-Tech Technology Company    

Our people are the company's fundamental asset. This is the primary reason that the founders chose to make SimPro Tech an employee-owned company. A successful employee ownership scenario provides the ability to attract and retain top quality technical professionals who may be required to meet stringent security requirements.

SimPro-Tech differentiates itself from its competitors through extraordinary service commitment, value pricing, and continuous staff development. It is our focus on staff development which provides our personnel with functional, technical, and managerial expertise in addition to hands-on experience with integrated product and process development. We strive to provide comprehensive benefits at minimum cost to the employees while staying competitive in the market place.

Simpor-tech is a IT product reseller and service provider, provide professional IT soulation for client to improve their working performance. Our product include printer, desktop, server and serive have a backup, security, networking soulation etc.

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